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Chronicling the process behind WAR-TOYS from the perspective of toy photographer Brian McCarty.

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Overview: West Bank, 2011

I arrived in East Jerusalem in February of 2011 to begin work on the WAR-TOYS project. The Spafford Children’s Center, located in the Arab Quarter of the Old City, graciously offered me access to boys and girls under their care. Operating since 1925, the center primarily serves Palestinian children and families, many of whom live in outlying areas. 

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Final Few Days

I've been back home in Los Angeles for just over a day. While I fight the effects of jetlag and travel fatigue, I thought I'd take the opportunity to show you how some of the final few days were spent on the trip. It was so busy that I didn't have time to keep the blog updated.

Thanks once again to the Spafford Children's Center and its wonderful staff, I was given time to revisit the group of children that made many of the drawings that I based photographs on. I showed them rough printouts of the resulting shots to get their feedback and reactions.

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Last Full Day

As the trip comes to a close, I find it hard to believe that it's only been a month. It feels like much longer. I've seen and done so much that I suspect that it's going to take weeks to process everything.

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