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Chronicling the process behind WAR-TOYS from the perspective of toy photographer Brian McCarty.

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CNN.com Feature

It was more than a little flattering to see my work on CNN.com last week. When I sat for the interview in Atlanta, I had no idea that the piece would be so prominently featured on their homepage. My humble thanks to Asieh Namdar (writer), Nick Scott (producer), Matthew Rond (producer), John Nowak (video), Barbara Griffin, Michael Ouweleen, Mike Toppo, and Cyndi Strand.

The interview is below, and a link to the accompanying portfolio of WAR-TOYS work is here


Reaction to both the interview and portfolio has been remarkable. It's felt good to see the support and hear all of the positive comments about the project thus far. There have also been a few, very vocal critics. Not surprisingly, most of them appear to be coming from far off to the right. It's pretty funny to be called a "propagandist," perhaps funnier still to those that actually know me. 

Both the praise and criticism are reminders of just how far I have to go. Despite the early success with the project, I feel that I'm just scratching the surface. I look forward to getting back and continuing my work with both Israeli and Palestinian children.