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Chronicling the process behind WAR-TOYS from the perspective of toy photographer Brian McCarty.

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First Day

It hardly seems real through the haze of jet lag and travel fatigue. After a far too lengthy stay in Newark for aircraft repairs, I made it into Tel Aviv late last night, over 24 hours after I left Los Angeles. The ride into Jerusalem was adventurous with heavy fog and a somewhat suicidal Sherut (think Super Shuttle) driver, and arriving in the Old City was completely surreal. The wet stones, misty air, and narrow streets made the ancient city otherworldly. What seemed like a million feral cats and Arabic graffiti covering nearly every surface made it even more so.


This is the view I have from the roof of where I'm staying. Never have satellite dishes looked so out of place. Today is mostly about getting settled and meeting local staff. I'm hoping to spend some time in the afternoon being a tourist and wandering a little. Wifi is sadly not working at the center, so my posts will be a bit limited while I sort out alternatives. 

West Bank 2011Brian McCarty