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First (Hazy) Day of Shooting

Despite jet lag deciding to limit my sleep to about three hours, I managed to get some decent shooting done. Every Friday school is out, and the Spafford Center fills with children. Most are there are for arts & crafts, drama, dance, and a host of other activities meant to foster community and development, but many also come for psychosocial treatment, speech therapy, and vaccinations at the attached clinic. 

I did my best to float between groups and observe the various activities. The gear package I put together is working very well, but I'm still getting used to it and developing a smooth workflow. I pity the editor that gets to sync up sound to the picture.

I was also able to begin organizing a group of children to be brought in specifically so I could observe the psycho trauma program in action and conduct a sort of art therapy based interview. It's being scheduled for next week.

Here is the courtyard at Spafford:


The afternoon was spent once again at the café just by the Damascus Gate. I had intended on wandering more but got wrapped up in an engaging conversation with a group of friends that are regulars there. All were born and raised in Jerusalem, but left and became American citizens, living everywhere from DC to Minnesota. Despite having property that dates back in their families hundreds of years, each has had to move back to the city lest they give up residency status and access to their childhood homes. Hearing their perspective on the current state of affairs in East Jerusalem was interesting to say the least.

West Bank 2011Brian McCarty