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Chronicling the process behind WAR-TOYS from the perspective of toy photographer Brian McCarty.

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Freedom to Create

I'm happy to report that the proof-of-concept phase of the project has officially come to an end. My thanks again to the entire production team that came together to offer their support and expertise. I'm extremely grateful to have had the help of Alex Dervin, Suzie Gilbert, Kurt Mattila, Rob Wilson, and Prologue Pictures. In the next few weeks, WAR-TOYS will begin ramping up for the next phase of production. 

Flatteringly, my work on WAR-TOYS is starting to earn some notable recognition. The South African based foundation Freedom to Create has officially commended the project. It is an extreme honor, especially seeing the other artists who are alongside me on the list

I've also accepted an invitation to show six images (three photo / drawing pairings) from the proof-of-concept series in a Freedom to Create exhibition in Cape Town, November 17th - December 17th. The truly remarkable Graça Machel will be opening the event. 

I cannot say thank you enough to Freedom to Create for kind honor and opportunity to participate. 

In all of the chaotic insanity of the last few months, I also forgot to post a link to an article and interview by the UK magazine Don't Panic. They had some great questions about WAR-TOYS.