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Hopes for Peace

The last week and a half has been full of human tragedy, and I'm glad to see it coming to an end, at least for a time. I hope that the reported truce takes hold and a lasting peace is made.

While finalizing plans to visit shelters in Sderot tomorrow, I caught UNRWA spokesman Christopher Gunness on Al Jazeera. Chris facilitated my trip to Gaza, and he's been extremely generous with his time. We managed to squeeze in a quick coffee in between his interviews a few days ago. 

It was humbling to learn that the same schools I visited last week were converted to shelters for Gazan residents. I keep saying it, but it amazes me how quickly things turned. I hope that peace comes just as fast and people are able to return to their homes.

I'm not sure how many Israeli residents will still be in shelters tomorrow, but I'm heading to Sderot all the same. I'll be sure to share what I find.

Once school resumes, it will be much easier to work with groups of children and learn about their experiences.