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Before jumping head first into the next chapter of WAR-TOYS, I've stopped for a few days in Jerusalem to get past some of the jet lag and finish preparations. The next month will be extremely busy.

Knowing this, it's been a real treat to catch up with old friends around the city and catch my breath in the process. I had been missing the Gate Cafe since I left in March of last year. Sitting, working on my laptop, and talking with the mix of locals and expats while watching the bustling Damascus Gate is always something I look forward to.

Tonight was spent at the always remarkable American Colony, first at a borrowed desk in their business center. While wrestling with the printer, I couldn't help but overhear bits and pieces of the meeting going on in the conference room. It's amazing the world changing decisions that have been made within the walls of the hotel. The meeting tonight sounded as if it would further solidify the American Colony's Casablanca-like reputation.

After drinks with more good friends in the hotel bar, I took a wandering path back to the walls of the Old City and the winding steps up to the Spafford Children's Center, stopping to grab a quick snapshot.

I've been so busy soaking it all in that I forgot to take pictures. It's a bit of a luxury considering what lies ahead.

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