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Chronicling the process behind WAR-TOYS from the perspective of toy photographer Brian McCarty.

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The past many months have been so busy with commissioned work that I've been remiss about keeping the blog updated with some large developments around the WAR-TOYS project. I'm sorry that it's taken a quiet moment in Beirut for me to find the time. 

After years of work, I've begun the next phase of the project, collaborating with a number of smaller NGOs in Lebanon. I'll be here until the 30th of November to work with Lebanese, Syrian, and Palestinian children throughout the country.

This also marks the first time that I'll have a dedicated art-therapist with me, conducting safe and positive interviews on behalf of the project. I look forward to introducing her soon. 

For now, I'm working to gather art supplies and solidify the schedule for the next two weeks. It's going to be a busy time, but one that will include work with children from extremely diverse backgrounds.