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Chronicling the process behind WAR-TOYS from the perspective of toy photographer Brian McCarty.

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Tripoli / Last Day in Beirut

I was advised that the security situation in Tripoli was still too volatile to attempt photographing within affected areas of the city. Pulling out a camera in the wrong neighborhood, let alone attempting a toy setup, could cause trouble quickly and with little warning. 

Instead, I traveled back to the outskirts of town, near the Nader Association. There, with Myra Saad's help, I worked to recreate what boys at the school had shared. The heart they showed, literally and figuratively, felt important to incorporate. 

I'm now in my final day in Beirut before heading back to the US. The talk last night at AUB with Art Therapist Myra Saad was a great way to end my month here. The standing room audience was a mix of students, faculty, NGO workers, and others from the public. The questions and feedback they had were fantastic.

My thanks again to the Center for American Studies and Research (CASAR), Department of Fine Arts & Art History (FAAH), and the Architecture & Design Department at The American University of Beirut for hosting the talk.

As my time in Lebanon comes to an end, I can only look forward to the next trip back here. I've met so many amazing people doing such remarkable, essential work that I'm sad to leave and miss seeing their day-to-day contributions. My heartfelt thanks again to everyone that has given such unbelievable help and hospitality!