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Rainy Day Shoot in Deheisheh

A cold rain blanketed the region today, making it less than fun to be outside. After very nearly calling off the day's shoot, I traveled back to the Deheisheh Refugee Camp with my assistant Montaser and new friend/temporary assistant Murina. The wet, narrow streets made what I had planned all the more interesting and even beautiful. 


The main shot I wanted was of a group of local children (represented by Playmobil figures) with raised hands against a burning tank in the background. It's a theme I saw repeated a lot in the drawings that the children made on Tuesday.


Aside from the rain, the shot came together smoothly. I had gotten to know the camp and made note of spots throughout from previous visits. The only hiccup came just before setting the plastic tank ablaze - no lighter. Montaser borrowed one from a man passing and we were in business.


Thanks to the entire Deheisheh Camp for welcoming me in and participating. Extra thanks to my host Aysar and The Ibdaa Cultural Center. And finally, thanks to my assistants for the day. The behind the scenes photos were taken by them.