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Chronicling the process behind WAR-TOYS from the perspective of toy photographer Brian McCarty.

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St. Lawrence University Exhibit and Lecture

St. Lawrence University and their Richard F. Brush Art Gallery have been supporting WAR-TOYS almost from the beginning. Even before my first trip to the Middle East and while the project was still unproven, gallery director Catherine Tedford and assistant director Carole Mathey saw the potential. Their support and encouragement helped get the project off the ground. 

Last week I had the opportunity to show my gratitude in person while lecturing and exhibiting the work they helped me create. I'm honored that the entire proof-of-concept series is now in the university's permanent collection.  

For those in the area, the exhibition is up until October 3rd. It's an opportunity to see the original children's drawings displayed alongside the resulting photographs. I especially enjoyed re-visiting the toy props that were used. Boxed up since my return, they're like old friends.

It was an immense pleasure lecturing and presenting my work to a large audience, even more so to speak with individual classes. I got to visit with students taking courses on photography taught by Peter Nelson, global studies research taught by Dr. John Collins, and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict taught by Dr. Ronnie Olesker. The students in each had great perspectives and questions to share about the project.

I look forward to another chance to visit the campus and spend more time with both the students and the remarkable faculty!

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