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Chronicling the process behind WAR-TOYS from the perspective of toy photographer Brian McCarty.

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Syrian Refugees / Kayany Foundation

Even after extending my stay in Lebanon, I decided that there wasn't enough time to gather and articulate accounts from all of the various refugee and local populations affected by war. Lebanon is at the crossroads of so many conflicts that it's going to take multiple trips to represent the perspectives of Iraqi, Syrian, Kurdish, Palestinian, and Lebanese children. For now, I chose to focus the majority of my remaining stay on Syrian children living in refugee camps in the Bekaa Valley. 

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First Day in Gaza

Even without the nasty case of jetlag, today would have been a surreal blur. I was up early and at the UNRWA's office in Jerusalem by 8am to catch a ride to the Erez Crossing from Israel into Gaza. I was fortunate that French photographer Anne Paq was sharing the same car. She's been working in Gaza on various photo and film projects for years. Without her there to navigate the unwritten rules and procedures of the checkpoint, it would have been a real challenge. Even still, it wasn't an easy experience. 

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