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Rainy Day Shoot in Deheisheh

A cold rain blanketed the region today, making it less than fun to be outside. After very nearly calling off the day's shoot, I traveled back to the Deheisheh Refugee Camp with my assistant Montaser and new friend/temporary assistant Murina. The wet, narrow streets made what I had planned all the more interesting and even beautiful. 

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Toy Shoot Day Two and Deheisheh Camp Art

My second day dedicated to toy photos went equally as good as the first, if not better. The skies turned cloudy, making for soft light and interesting textures. I started the morning by visiting a construction site of an Israeli settlement smack in the middle of an Arab neighborhood. Still not sure how I feel about the resulting shot. While a toy bulldozer was certainly at home and illustrates the work happening, unlike the other photos, it still needs some explanation. I'm not sure if the context is immediately apparent. 

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Dheisheh Refugee Camp

After spending the morning further preparing props for still shoots scheduled to begin Saturday, I traveled with Spafford therapist Manal to the Dheisheh Refugee Camp just south of Bethlehem in the West Bank. If you get a moment, check out the Wikipedia entry on the camp. Its history dates back to the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. 

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Art Therapy Examples

Today was primarily spent looking over drawings that the children here made for me. With only two weeks remaining, I'm trying to get a tentative shot list together. However, the next few days will be filled with more opportunities to gather children's perspectives from refugee camps and cities in the West Bank. I feel it's important to have as large a sampling as possible. However, with the clock ticking, I'm going to have to wrap up my research soon and get the shots done. I really look forward to being able to include the Israeli perspective.

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