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Chronicling the process behind WAR-TOYS from the perspective of toy photographer Brian McCarty.

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Troubled Days in Gaza

If you haven't been following the news, the situation in Gaza is deteriorating. A tenuous truce between Hamas, other Palestinian factions, and Israel has broken down in recent days. It's lead to incursions, rocket attacks, tank shelling, mortar fire, air strikes, and a growing number of wounded and dead. Neither side seems willing to back down. With Netanyahu threatening an escalation, it's hard to guess where things will end, and when I'll be able to leave Gaza. The border could be closed for some time.

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Gaza Strip 2012Brian McCarty
Conflicting Morning

I find myself highly conflicted about how I'm spending my day, and in the interest of documenting the experiences behind WAR-TOYS (good and bad), I thought that I would share. 

An 11 year old boy was killed yesterday not far away, and a journalist friend invited me to accompany her to the funeral and hospital. As powerful as it would be to document the raw experiences and emotions around such a terrible event, it's not why I'm here. My photo essay isn't about recording the aftermath from a journalistic perspective. It's about articulating the viewpoints and lingering effects seen in the children who live and survive. 

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Toy Shopping in Gaza

Armed with the children's drawings from the past two days (feels like much longer), I hired a driver / fixer / translator to take me around Gaza to the various places where toys are sold. I was hunting for the props that will help tell the children's stories.

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